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Kangaroo Burgers

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Kangaroo Burgers
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Product Code: KB2
Brand: Exotic Meats

Product Information

One of the best selling products, our kangaroo burgers come in a pack of 2 quarter pound burgers, a great value product.
Grab a pack of our Kangaroo burgers and add some fun and frivolity to your next barbecue with a roo burger.
Low in fat and high in protein with a great taste between well hung beef and venison, our kangaroo burgers will have your family and friends hopping with delight, perfect in a bun with salad and sauce.
Why not have an Aussie night and get the barbie glowing a few kangaroo burgers and ice cold beers for a night your friends and family will talk about for years to come.

Pack Size

2 Burgers 220g Pack

Nutritional Information

Per 110g Serving Kangaroo Burger
Energy - 451kj
Protein - 24g
Fat - 1.1g
Carbohydrate - 1.1g
Sugars - 1.1g
Cholestrol - 25mg
Sodium - 44mg
Potassium - 341mg


My fussy 7 yr old rated this as the best burger ever!
Best Burger Ever! by on

Slightly sweet in flavour the kangaroo burger, lovely texture, Fair Dinkum Cobber!!

Lovely texture by on

Good texture meat but i thought seasoning was a little heavy.

Good Texture by on

Fuller flavour - quite strong but the better for it.

Full Flavour by on
Tested a pack of these kangaroo burgers and must say they are one of the tastiest burgers i have ever had, perfectly seasoned and a fab flavour, makes your chain burger stores meat taste like cardboard in comparison, they have a slight gameyness to them without being gamey, difficult to describe the taste but like a very tasty beef burger, lovely.
Delicious by on

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Exotic Meats recommend ensuring all of our meat is defrosted in the refrigerator before cooking, all meat should be cooked thoroughly before eating.

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